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Everything a Man Space Needs

Power recliner? Check. Bar and pool table? Of course. Get the comfy hangout you deserve with these masculine-leaning finds

With college basketball’s March madness upon us, we thought it would be the perfect time to give a nod to the man caves of the world. They will be in big demand this month when sports enthusiasts gather around the tube to see if their teams win or lose. After all, there is a payday on the line for the person who scores the perfect winning bracket.Man spaces come in many forms: the masculine English country room in which the men retire to puff their stogies after dinner; the poker room in which all bets are on; the popular bar, pool table, keg, all-sports room; and the forgotten room in the basement with the concrete floors and block walls. Whatever your tastes, we hope we scored some finds to make your getaway room a bit more enjoyable. — Janette and Jordan from The 2 Seasons

This leather chesterfield definitely feels like English country. We would love to kick back on this sofa in a man cave, and we aren’t even men.
If the English country look is a little too fancy for your man cave, maybe this less stodgy leather sofa will fill the bill. It comes in sections and has a built-in recliner. Ahh, where’s the beer?
Although it is a cliché, you might just crave a recliner for your cave. You can’t beat this power recliner by La-Z-Boy. Covered in leather, it will easily wipe clean if you spill any snacks or beverages on it. Plus, it has two cup holders for drinks and can recline at the push of a button. What more could a man (or woman) want?
This entertainment center has space for a big-screen TV, speakers, records and books. Darker finishes are also available.
Every man needs a place for his best friend. We think Fido would agree.
We know, we know. You are going to build a bar for your man cave, but you just can’t find the time. Life keeps getting in the way. This classy paneled bar from Pottery Barn is just a click away. Build yourself a boat instead!
These bar stools will cozy up to any bar and pretty much fit in with any man cave decor, from the English room to the one with concrete floors and block walls.
Do you have fond memories of those college weekends that found you guzzling mugs from a metal keg? This kegerator will take you back to those days gone by, but with a little more class.
And if you are going to have a fancy kegerator, you must own these Williams-Sonoma monogramed beer mugs to go with it. We promise your beer will taste better in these.
A man cave needs three kinds of tables. One is a poker table that can quickly become an ordinary game table or snack table. This one covers all three bases and looks great in the process.
The second kind of must-have table is a pool table, preferably one that will convert to a Ping-Pong table. This one does that. If you add a tablecloth (make sure it is a masculine one), you can even spread your buffet on it.
The third type of table every man cave needs is a coffee table so you can prop up your feet and have a place for your drink, snack, phone and laptop. We especially like this one because it is masculine, and the glass top can be easily wiped down so you don’t have to deal with coasters.
Are you a pinball wizard who longs for a mini arcade? Well, this company has a huge selection of pinball machines at different price ranges.
It seems as though every English pub has a dartboard around which heated competitions go on every night. If you get one of these, you could organize your own nightly challenges.
No matter your sport of choice, there is a vintage-style poster on the market for you. We love the pop of red in this otherwise neutral one.
Because the Olympics are still fresh on our minds, this colorful replica of a 1948 poster caught our eye.
If you want to highlight your favorite team, try a logo table lamp from the Memory Company. The company offers lamps and other memorabilia with logos of college and professional teams.
If you would rather not have a table lamp, try this metal Ralph Lauren floor lamp. It’s masculine and would be right at home in an English country room or a room with a sports vibe.
This cowhide rug would work in any style of man cave — especially if you have a mechanical bull!
If cattle-skin rugs aren’t your thing, this charcoal and cream chevron rug might do. It says that you have great taste but aren’t swayed by trends. It says that you can get cozy. And it says that this room is yours and not your wife’s.Source:

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